Common problems and solutions of laser cutting thick plate

1.Debugging method of carbon steel thick plate cutting process:

1).According to different power wanwa laser, according to the cutting process parameter table of MAX, the effect of the smoothest carbon steel surface and the stable processing of the thickest carbon steel is debugged;
2).After the effect and efficiency meet the requirements, the perforation process parameters are adjusted;
3).After the cutting and perforation process is adjusted, small batch cutting is required to verify the consistency of the process and effect.

Common problems and solutions of carbon steel cutting and debugging of MAX 1500W laser

Thickness and effect Problem Resolvent

25mm bright surface

30mm bright surface

40mm frosted surface

1.Heating of cutting nozzle 1).Increase the nozzle size
2).Dirty lens, clean lens
3).Reduce the cutting focus
2.Rough cutting surface 1).Raise the cutting focus
2).Decrease the nozzle size
3).Decrease the cutting gas
4).Increase the cutting speed
3.Cutting hanging slag 1).Unsuitable cutting speed
2).Increasing cutting air pressure
3).Unsuitable cutting focus
4.Inconsistent cutting surface 1).The nozzle outlet is not round
2).The laser is not in the center of the nozzle