What are the requirements of the CNC flame cutter for the gas source?

To use a good CNC cutting machine, there are many aspects to pay attention to, in addition to the basic cutting speed, cutting thickness has been cut height, cutting gas also need to pay attention from time to time.
The knife flame master control key in the gas source, the field oxygen is mostly for the pipeline oxygen supply, oxygen purity and pressure can generally meet the use requirements, but the gas is mostly bottled gas supply,
30 kg of a bottle of gas, in the size of 5 machine 5 flow, the use time of about 2 hours, so that the gas source must be replaced in the middle, which will lead to gas pressure fluctuations, directly affect the gas flow,
Causes problems such as poor quality of abnormal cutting in cutting. Bottled gas in the beginning and end of the use of each cylinder gas pressure fluctuations are also large, the site to take warm water heating method is a good treatment, and ultimately can ensure the stability of the gas source. To ensure the integrity of the current equipment, usually should be based on operating procedures, regular lines, joints and other places to check the leak, bearings, pin holes and other places refueling lubrication, cutting mouth, cooling pipes and other cleaning, to complete some routine work, in order to ensure safety and ensure the normal operation of the machine!