Application of fiber-optic laser cutting machine in elevator manufacturing industry

The application of fiber optic laser cutter spromotion enhances the quality of domestic elevator manufacturing. China is the world's largest new elevator market, due to the real estate industry, urban public construction and other industries, China's elevator market to maintain an annual increase of 20%. The use of advanced fiber-optic laser cutting machine, improve the degree of equipment automation, intelligence, in order to be flexible to deal with various production tasks, improve product quality, improve production capacity.

Introduction to the traditional elevator laser cutting process
In the 1990s, the whole machine factory is basically the use of multi-station punch processing sheet, and then with several world-renowned brands elevator in the domestic sole proprietorship or joint venture to introduce laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine in the domestic elevator industry began to use. At the beginning of the 21st century, with the emergence of domestic laser cutting machine production enterprises, the first high-power fiber laser cutting machine came out, so that the laser cutting machine can only rely on imports to break the situation, at the same time make the expensive price also dropped significantly. Since the late 1970s, high-power CO2 laser cutters have been the main force in the field of laser cutting. CO2 laser siphons high power consumption, gas consumption, external optical circuit is more complex, which also makes it the soft spot of this kind of laser cutting machine. And fiber laser cutting machine cutting has a very fast, ultra-low operating costs, can cut copper, aluminum and other high-reflection materials, as well as no outer light and other significant advantages, has become the first choice of major elevator enterprises.

Advantages of new fiber-optic laser cutting machine-processing elevators
Elevator industry stainless steel plate, film-band material spout more, the integrity of the section requirements are relatively high. Laser cutting and traditional CNC punch compared to the surface finish is high, there is no knife, there is no mold loss and other advantages. Fiber laser cutting machine can also cut smaller and smaller sharp corners, can effectively avoid the punching process workpiece produced by the shape deformation, enhance the core competitiveness of the product. In the thickness of less than 6mm plate cutting, fiber laser cutting machine also has a unique speed advantage, such as 1mm thick stainless steel cutting can achieve a straight-line speed of 70m/min, effectively improve the enterprise production capacity.