Application of 3D cutting in the medium-thick plate industry

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1. Overview
My company to design and manufacture cutting and welding automation equipment as the leading products. In the field of thermal cutting, the development and production of flame, plasma and laser three cutting methods of automation equipment. Products are mainly used in marine manufacturing, bridge steel structure, construction machinery, pressure vessels and petrochemicals and many other industries.
In the early days, we used multi-axis numerical control to apply thermal cutting technology to three-dimensional cutting, such as pipe space 3D cutting, H-type steel 3D cutting and so on. In recent years, with the development of industrial robots, a succession has developed a robot as the body of the P R G ball flat steel robot cutting production line, PKG-type steel robot cutting and other production lines.

Figure 1 PRG automatic production line
2. Current domestic application of 3D cutting
With the rapid economic growth in recent years, the application of 3D cutting has also begun to develop rapidly. Early and widespread applications of 3D cutting should belong to the automobile manufacturing industry. Automotive sheet metal because of thin sheet metal, large batch, laser 3D cutting application is relatively wide, the application is more mature.
In the three-dimensional cutting application of medium-thick plate, the market development is relatively slow, the main reason is that the medium-thick plate 3D cutting workpiece is large, the parts and workpiece design is complex, while the deformation is difficult to control. Many times for small batch, multi-batch processing. As a result, this is more often met by offline programming and high-precision measurement tracking, so the application is relatively slow.

Figure 2 Marine ball flat steel
3. Application of 3D cutting in the marine industry
In the ship manufacturing process, there are a large number of profiles as the hull of the keel need to be cut. Due to the irregular shape of the profile, most shipyards use manual cutting, this method of cutting there is a labor intensity, low efficiency, poor cutting quality and so on. To this end, our company has developed a marine PRG ball flat steel robot cutting production line, to solve the continuous, batch, efficient processing and labor costs increasingly prominent and other issues.
PRG ball flat steel robot cutting line sub-automatic feeding, automatic material search clamping, laser scanning detection and the robot on the profile surface of the three-dimensional cutting and other links. The main actuator is a 6-joint robot, and the PRG automatic production line is shown in Figure 1.