Honeybee Innovation and Win-Win Mode, Achievement you and me


Introduction to the meeting

Ten years of grinding a sword, since 2005, the small bee as a business brand, through the innovation of Huarui NUMERICAL control company, through the national sales of the full cooperation, our small bee team, together to create a cutting machine myth.

Innovation is the beginning of the small bee's business, from the gantry cutter to the small bee portable cutter innovation, resulting in a comprehensive qualitative flyover leap.

2 Summary 2015

CNC's product orders for the full year 2015 continued to grow strongly despite the overall economic downturn in the market, with the following outstanding sales performance:

1 Dalian regional business model

Project manager responsibility system: after the reform, originally in the production, technology, management positions of personnel to the market to participate in marketing, not only solve the problem of personal wages, but also for the market expansion sowing seeds, after half a year of trial operation, to the end of the year so that these employees involved in the reform to re-select the position, even choose to continue to enter the market.

Sales lead production management, production has sales staff to determine, the implementation of the project manager target responsibility system - sales manager, that is, project manager, the order production installation service is responsible for the whole process.

Team-based operation. Project manager target responsibility system, 1 core sales manager led 2-3 auxiliary staff, the implementation of small team operation, master with apprentices, people to make the best use of their talents, play to their strengths.

2 Foreign trade in the international market to add new products.

Following the portable cutting machine (annual export volume of about 400 units) to open the international market, the small bee's gantry and benchtop cutting machine also successfully opened the international market, 15 years gantry cutting machine export number reached 50 units, but also put forward the market demand for taiwan cutting machine, for the small bee into the international took an important step.

Shandong region to put forward constructive opinions on product quality
Over the years, Shandong office's loyalty and trust in the small bee brand gave the company a lot of confidence, in the marketing also made a lot of suggestions, and often put forward constructive advice on product quality.

Hunan, Hubei region super business development capacity
In Hunan, Hubei region, sales managers have been a strong business development ability, in the sale of small bee cutters at the same time, always pay attention to the industry's related products, whenever the small bee company as a starting point, even if they can only get a little small profits for the company to sign a contract, 15 years of successful for the small bee company signed a large amount of water knife contract, in the product sales of a new market.

Three. Direction of work in 2016

1, continue to improve product quality, and continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprise products

The core technology of CNC cutting machine: CNC control system and THC uper, will be further improved and improved, the original independent CNC, THC, PLC mutual capacity and integration, resulting in our more advanced and more professional embedded control technology. New technology makes products more mature and stable, simplify complex technology, product production and installation, maintenance, user training are simpler. Now CNC company with two technical engineers with modern scientific and technological progress remote service to replace the past 20 people after-sales service team, thus greatly saving after-sales costs.
2, product innovation and expansion

In early 2016, The Bee launched two new products, steel small steel cannons, and benchcutting machines. At the same time, the company also intends to expand the laser cutting machine and related products.

Now Huarui Group is actively operating a new three-board listing for the small bee company, to promote the expansion of small bee development.

Creating value for customers has always been our pursuit!

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