2019: HONEYBEE CNC try the bigger capacity Laser Cutting Machine 12kw.

2018: HONEYBEE CNC launched Laser Marking Machine.

2017: HONEYBEE CNC launched Laser Cutting Machine, open single table and shuttle table type, full closed type.

2016: HONEYBEE CNC registered the English brand HONEYBEE CNC and began exporting its own brand HONEYBEE CNC cutting machines. In this year, HONEYBEE CNC began Laser Cutting Machine research and development.

2015: HONEYBEE CNC launched new Heavy Duty Portable CNC Cutting Machine, model name Microbee Plus.

2013: HONEYBEE CNC expanded cooperation with ESAB on Crossbow series Portable CNC cutting machines.

2012: HONEYBEE CNC launched high precision bevel cutting machine by cooperating with ESAB.

2008: HONEYBEE CNC created the Bigbee series cnc cutting machines, which makes the cutting machine easy to use, the cutting is liked printing on the steel plate by a computer. Bigbee is very popular which caused much attention, then China CCTV reported it. 2005: The First portable CNC cutting machine was invented in China and in the World! It was named HONEYBEE because its compact size and cutting sound like the flying bee.