Heavy Duty Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine-Supre



Heavy Duty Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine-Supre

Product Description

Model: HBMEDGE-4000X12000X1+1A
Gantry type structure
Ture hole technology


1.Different cutting torches, plasma, flame and strips, are optional according to customersrequirements.

2.Gantry type box beam, double-side driving motors, compact, reliable and effective,     suitable for wide track working;  China top brand or imported guiding rails for horizontal transmission,  precise and stable.

3.Imported or china top brands guide rails for horizontal transmission, high precision and excellent performance. Specialized rails for longitudinal transmission with surface grinded,   enjoy high working precision and abrasive resistance.

4.Custom made racks and gear from professional manufacturers, surfaced carburized and quenched,  enjoy high precision; German NEU GART gear speed reducer adopted for horizontal and  longitudinal transmission, which is characterized of high precision, big torque and low bag gap.

5.Adopted Panasonic servo system can detect location and enjoys a high working presion,  wide speed range and short acceleration time.

6.Different cutting tools and cutting torch systems provided for flame cutting,plasma cutting, etc.

7.Composed of gas box and gas distributing system, gas pipe adopts automatic ignition device  and back fire arrestor, thus a safe and stable working performance guaranteed.

8.High power plasma power source for different materials cutting.

9.Optional functions in accordance with customers requirements.

General Technical Data:

Item Parameter
Model HBMEDGE-4000X12000X1+1A
Frame Construction Gantry, Dual Drive
CNC System USA Hypertherm MicroEDGEPRO
Plasma Power Source USA HyperthermMAXPRO200
Plasma cutting Material Mild steel, Stainless steel,Aluminum, Brass, etc.
Plasma cutting thickness 2mm—32mm(maxpro200)
Width Track Span 4000 mm
Working Width 3000 mm
Length Guide Rail Length 12000mm
Working Length 10000mm
Speed Bare Speed 12000mm/min
Cutting Speed 0~6000 mm/min(can regulate continuously)
Accuracy Lathe Accuracy Intersection point misregistration:±0.3mm

Diagonal bias: ±0.3mmCircle degree: ±0.3mm

Direct line degree: ±0.2mm

Power WorkingVoltage Plasma: 440V,CNC cutting machine: 220V
Frequency 60HZ

CNC System: MicroEDGE Pro shape cutting control

Easy to use, reliable,Serviceability, Customizable

The MicroEDGE Pro CNC brings Hypertherm’s latest hardware and Phoenix software technology to  a product that is customizable fora wide variety of applications. Designed for reliability and ease of use,  the MicroEDGE Pro improves cut quality, productivity and
profitability by delivering Hypertherm’s cutting process expertise directly to your factory.  It is as if you have your best operator on every shift.
Standard Features:

Application Software Phoenix shape cutting control software
Operating system Windows® XPe
Display and keyboard Customer supplied – touchscreen and standard LCD supported
Communication ports Ethernet LAN, Hypernet, USB and RS-232/422/485 isolated serial
Dimensions 239 mm (9.4″) high x 465 mm (18.3″) wide x 335 mm (13.2″) deep
Temperature range -10° C to 40° C ambient (14° F to 104° F ambient)
Warranty Two-year warranty
Regulatory compliance CE, CSA, GOST-R
Operating voltage and frequency 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Software utilities Part Program Support (PPS), Remote Help, networking,
Autogas support, DXF import, and simple shape nesting

FastCAM Programming Software (Professional Edition)

This is a fully automated system with a high level of automation and a focus on saving time,         plate and piercing.The ideal solution for high duty cycle machines where the user may get    five different jobs with multiple parts for thicknesses.

•Automatic ‘EVERYTHING’: Tool pathing, Pierce, Sequencing, Nesting, Cutlist;

•Multi-job, Multi-part, Multi-plate mixed & Remant Nesting;

•Improved mateiral yield and smart cutting technologies incuding common cutting and 4   types of bridging (for various industries)..

•Dramatic reduction in pierce.

•A 50% reduction in programming time with automatic tool pathing.

•Bulk features for programming speed-file import, editing, export, etc.

Work in customer factory:



Q: What material can the machine cut?
A: all kinds of metal plate, includes carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and Zinc etc.

Q: what’s the lead time or delivery time?
A: 5-7 days for the CNC portable cutter

Q: what’s Warranty for these items?
A: 12 months for free spare parts

Q:How to ship

A:Usually these items can be send by sea ,by air and  by train.

Or you can tell us the following info, we’ll suggest you the proper model.

  1. Cutting material.
  2. Cutting thickness. Max and min.
  3. Cutting size of the plate (Length, width).
  4. Manual cutting or mechnized cutting?
  5. Your requirement of cutting quality or your industry lines: advertisement ,hardware,shipyard,kitchenware or other industry.
  • For detailed questions,could you write or call us direclty.

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