Mult-head Flame strip cutting machine

Mult-head cutting
Bevel cutting



Rail width(meter) 3.5 4 5 5.5 6 8 10
Rail length(meter) 12 12 14 14 14 16 16
Rail can be added every 2 meters
Quantites of torch Qty of torch can be custom
Max working width 2.6*10 3.1*10 4.1*12 4.6*12 5.1*12 7.2*14 9.2*14
Cutting thickness 6~200mm (Flame);

Plasma cutting thickness(Depends on plasma)

Drive mode Dual drive Dual drive
Controller Honeybee
Software Austrilia fastcam
Speed range 0~10000mm/min
Cutting gas Oxygen+Acetylene; Plasma gas:depends on plasma
Optional function Gas: auto ignitation ,auto THC,marking

Plasma: Auto THC.

gantry mulit-head






Q: What material can the machine cut?
A: all kinds of metal plate, includes carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and Zinc etc.

Q: what’s the lead time or delivery time?
A: 5-7 days for the CNC portable cutter

Q: what’s Warranty for these items?
A: 12 months for free spare parts

Q:How to ship

A:Usually these items can be send by sea ,by air and  by train.

Or you can tell us the following info, we’ll suggest you the proper model.

  1. Cutting material.
  2. Cutting thickness. Max and min.
  3. Cutting size of the plate (Length, width).
  4. Manual cutting or mechnized cutting?
  5. Your requirement of cutting quality or your industry lines: advertisement ,hardware,shipyard,kitchenware or other industry.
  • For detailed questions,could you write or call us direclty.

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